Covid 19 - Prevention

responsable :  Gisèle Wänger

Update : 01.01.2023




Dear guests!



 After almost three years of the pandemic, the worst seems to be over. Nevertheless, we still want to exercise caution for a while and not completely abandon our hygiene concept yet. We - from the GroßenStadl and KleinenStadl - have developed a hygiene concept for all of us in 2019.

This was and is an attempt, together with you, to strike a balance between the usual holiday experience and caution in this pandemic. These measures are to be seen as a supplement to the usual general measures against the Covid 19 virus. Please help us where you can. (Status 18.05.2022)


Entering Austria or Tyrol


The best way to find out about entry possibilities from your country of origin is to visit the website of the Austrian Foreign Office, due to the constant changes. (see button)


No longer necessary from 18.5.2022!!!



Guest - "Covid 19"-Requirement for admission and use of the house...

 based on the travel and safety advice of the Austrian Foreign Office.


One of the 3G-proof  (proof for all persons valided for the time of the stay)


- a complete vaccination (proof by QR-Code)


- or recovered (proof by QR-Code)


- or PCR-test maximum 72 hours old.



Please send us this proof and an affidavit - for every guest - by email before your stay.

You will receive more information about 2 weeks before your stay.


* subject to change without notice




Our measures: (will be maintained until further notice)


- One Stadl (whether Groß or Klein) only for you! (with separate entrance)


- Contactless check-in and check-out


- Interval between two bookings for more time for cleaning 


- Supplying of disinfectants 


- Supplying of liquid soap in bathrooms and kitchen


- Supplying of cleaning sets (agents / utensils) 


- Bed linen: fresh sheets are pulled onto the mattresses. Covers for pillow and blanket are provided in a "sleeping set".


- The laundry is always washed with at least 60 °. 


- If possible, the same person will always do the cleaning.






 For your safety we also have(in the house)


- removed all magazines


- removed brochures - these are available in the tourist centre or via the Internet


- removed many decorative articles.


- removed all products like spices, coffee and the like.




We ask you for:


- Bring along your own hygiene products (masks, body -hugging TOWELS, disinfectants, paper tissues,

paper rolls etc.)


- In the barbecue area (which can be used by guests of the GroßerStadl and of the KleinerStadl) we recommend an arrangement with the guests of the other Stadl.


- Air the rooms several times a day


- When leaving the Stadl: remove beds, leave covers in the room on the floor.


- Remove all rubbish - also bottles, cans etc... - from the house: use the bins in the outside area for this  (attention: waste separation!)



Please note that if you do not comply with the last two points, we will charge a fee.


Corona case - before your stay


General information  on cancellation regulations  (without guarantee)


In principle, the General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry 2006 (AGBH 2006) apply, especially § 5 - which can be read here on this homepage. (under Prices)



Differing from  the cancellation regulations in the General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry 2006 (AGBH 2006) - see § 5 "Rescission of the Accommodation Agreement - Cancellation Fee" we introduce a special „Stadl“ cancellation right in times of Covid-19. 




Our Covid 19 Special Cancellation Measures for the Stadl


(Only valid for bookings via our homepage or for direct bookings but not via a supplier if not explicitly mentioned)





 For stays from 09.05.2022 applies:

up to 14 days before the start of the stay: cancellation free of charge


the last 13 days before the start of the stay: 100 of the total arrangement price






Otherwise we recommend our travel cancellation insurance Travel Secure


Corona case - despite all security measures - during you stay?

Not nice, but it can happen in these times.


You will find all the necessary information on the link to the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO)... (to download)



- Contact one of the doctors on site by telephone - see information in the house. Follow his instructions. 

- Inform the health authorities under the phone 1450


- Inform us promptly.



- Please note that if you should wish or be required to leave early, you will not be entitled to a refund of any days lost.

Please also note that in the event of quarantine, you are not automatically entitled to the use of our facilities. You should contact us immediately.



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