Covid 19 - Prevention



Dear guests,


Based on the current Covid-19 situation and the relevant guidelines of the WKO of the province of Tyrol regarding accommodation, we have developed hygiene measures for the GroßerStadl and the KleinerStadl.


This is an attempt, together with you, to find a balance between a normal holiday experience and caution in this pandemic. These measures should be seen as a supplement to the usual general measures against the corona virus.


We ask for your understanding ! Even if we would have to adapt these measures due to updates of the legislation.






Our measures:


- One Stadl (whether Groß or Klein) only for you! (with separate entrance)


- Contactless check-in and check-out


- Interval between two bookings for more time for cleaning



- Only the number of bedrooms - according to your number of persons - is available. Other bedrooms are not accessible. (locked or provided with a sign). Please respect this.


- Supplying in the entrance area of disinfectants - please follow the instructions for use -


- Supplying of liquid soap in bathrooms and kitchen


- Supplying of cleaning sets (agents / utensils)



- Supplying of a "sleep set" with a quality seal for the freshness of your bettlinen. Only the sheets are pulled onto the mattresses. Furthermore, the pillows will be replaced each time. This as increased safety measures!

- The laundry is always washed with at least 60 °.



- Intensive cleaning or disinfection of surfaces that are often touched (such as door handles, switches, etc.)



- If possible, the same person will always do the cleaning.


special „Stadl“ cancellation right in times of Covid-19




 For your safety we also have:


- removed all magazines, books


- removed brochures - these are available in the tourist centre or via the Internet


- removed many decorative articles


- reduced in the kitchens: Dishes, pots, pans. Because all these items will be machine cleaned before your arrival. Only basic equipment is available in proportion to the number of people you will be staying with.


- removed all products like spices, coffee and the like.




We ask your help for:


- Bring along your own hygiene products (masks, TOWELS, disinfectants, paper tissues,

paper rolls etc.)


- In the barbecue area (which can be used by guests of the GroßerStadl and KleinerStadl) masks are compulsory if other guests are present. We recommend an Arrangement with the guests of the other Stadl.


- Air the rooms several times a day


- When leaving the Stadl: remove beds, leave covers in the room on the floor.


- When leaving the Stadl: tilt the windows everywhere.


- Put all kitchen utensils you have used in the dishwasher, whether they are already "clean" or not.


- Remove all rubbish - also bottles, cans etc... - from the house: use the bins in the outside area for this purpose (attention: waste separation!)


Corona case - before your stay


Deviating from the cancellation regulations in the General Terms and Conditions for the Hotel Industry 2006 (AGBH 2006) - see § 5 "Rescission of the Accommodation Agreement - Cancellation Fee" we introduce a special „Stadl“ cancellation right in times of Covid-19 for the last 14 days before arrival.




Covid-19 special cancellation rules of the Stadl* 



To whom does this right apply?


We introduce a special cancellation right


- for guests who are verifiably ill with Covid-19 (confirmed by a doctor) or who have to be quarantined, or


- if persons living in the same household as our guests are demonstrably ill with Covid-19 (confirmed by a doctor) or have to be quarantined.


For which period?


For the last 14 days before the day of arrival: 50% of the total package price, but at least 120 euros.

(instead of 70 - 90 % as before)





*Applies only when booking via our homepage or direct booking (not via a provider)






Corona case - despite all security measures - during you stay?



- Contact one of the doctors on site by telephone - see information in the house.

- Follow his instructions.


- Inform the health authorities.


- Inform us promptly.


- If you have to leave earlier, you are not entitled to a refund for lost days.