About Us

 Our house is located halfway between Oetz and Sölden, in Winklen near Längenfeld, where you will find everything you need for your daily needs, as well as banks, cafés, restaurants, the thermal spa, doctor, pharmacy and much more (also ski and bike rental).





Check in


We entrust you with a complete house and its furnishings.

In return, we ask you to briefly report any damage you notice when you check in. 

We thank you for your help!





Free parking


 Please note that each Stadl has 2 free parking spaces around the house.

Pay attention to the signposting!


Please also make sure that the access roads to neighbouring properties - the street with our front doors - remain free.


Parking on neighbouring properties is absolutely forbidden!!!


Use our wash machine! (only in the GroßerStadl)


a washing machine can be used in the GroßerStadl!

Please tell us in advance.


Per wash: 3 euros (will be deducted from the deposit).

Delivery service for rolls and bread

Our delivery service for delicious rolls and bread in the morning!

With the last information we provide you with a QR code for the bakery and you order at your leisure...




By the way: we do not earn anything from this service, you are the customer, we are merely the intermediary. It is a service for you.  




A gas barbecue is available from April to September.

The gas is free for you - there are two gas bottles available. However, please let us know as soon as one of the gas bottles is empty so that we can replenish it.


The barbecue is located at the side of the "Skistadl". You will receive a key for the Skistadl. Please clean the gas barbecue and lock it up again after use. If the gas barbecue is not left clean, we will charge a fee of 25 euros.


The use of the gas barbecue must be coordinated with the guests of the other Stadl.







From December to April you can use our ski room.

Bus stop

350 m from the house.