Responsible for the editorial office: Gisèle Wänger

Measures valid from 01.01.2023

 Dear guests! 


Now that we have barely escaped the topic of "Corona", the next challenge is already waiting for all of us!  Actually, we did not want to bother you with this during your holiday. However, we cannot close our eyes to reality.  


In order to be able to continue to offer our Stadl at acceptable prices, we have decided against a drastic rent increase and in favour of another unconventional solution. To this end, we have developed a system in which you choose how much you want to pay: we have taken out various activities that you can do yourself.


The system is very simple: if you carry out these tasks yourself, nothing else happens - everything as before.


If you do not want to and cannot do these tasks yourself, you will be charged an extra fee as below:

(our cleaning staff reports the actual state)



- Emptying the dishwasher before leaving 3 euro


- Completely strip beds (per bed) 5 Euro 


- Oven tray (if not cleaned) 12 Euro 


- Waste separation / disposal in bins provided for this purpose in the outdoor area                       


Separation: according to paper, tin, plastic, glass, residual waste : 25 Euro


 - Throttle all thermostats to 15 ° when leaving the

Stadl to 15 ° (only for the large Stadl)                                        12 Euro



You should continue to bring your own body-hugging towels. 

If you have forgotten them, we will be happy to help you out:




Towel set rental (2 pieces)  per set            5 Euro 


Purchase or missing towels per set         20 Euro



Your help is very precious to us and helps us to save costs! You also benefit if we can keep prices reasonably constant.


This procedure is applied automatically and is part of our philosophy from 1.1.2023.

You automatically agree to this when you enter the Stadl.